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P&C Market Update: What’s the impact of the 2017 disasters?

The current insurance marketplace remains in a state of uncertainty as insurance and reinsurance carriers seek to understand the full scope of their recent catastrophe (CAT)-related losses. Check out the February 2018 Lockton Market Update for more information as well...

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4 Steps to Keeping Workplaces Safe With New Marijuana Laws

  West Virginia is the 29th state to legalize marijuana recreationally or medically, with more likely to follow. Vermont, a state that has allowed marijuana for medical use for more than 10 years, will allow it for recreational use beginning July 2018. It is the...

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P&C Market Update: Abundant Commercial Insurance Market Benefits Buyers

  Capacity and growth in commercial insurance create a buyer’s market Market conditions still continue on the path that supports favorable pricing, coverage terms, and program structures that benefit many buyers. Lockton’s April 2017 P&C Market Update states...

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