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Texas is a state that allows an option to not purchase workers’ compensation coverage, regardless of the number of employees, company size, or type of business. Workers’ compensation is still “elective” in Texas today. As of 2014, Oklahoma allows a similar option, although in that state the benefit levels are different, and unlike Texas the “exclusive remedy” defense is retained by the employer.

Nonsubscription is the only alternative to the Texas workers’ compensation system.

The mechanics of what has to be accomplished to implement a nonsubscriber program will involve many departments of your companies’ organization. The rollout must be completed in a manner that allows employees to view this program as an enhancement to their on-the-job injury benefits. The mechanics of the program and the execution of the rollout are critical.

We recommend a minimum of a 90-120-day timetable for the successful rollout of a nonsubscription program, depending on the size of the origination and number of employees. In our experience, a well-planned and executed implementation strategy results in extremely satisfied employees and an overall successful program with enhanced savings!

Read my latest white paper for more insights on the legal liability, injury benefit plans, nonsubscriber insurance, and claim management as it relates to a Texas nonsubscription program.