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P&C Market Update: What’s the impact of the 2017 disasters?

The current insurance marketplace remains in a state of uncertainty as insurance and reinsurance carriers seek to understand the full scope of their recent catastrophe (CAT)-related losses. Check out the February 2018 Lockton Market Update for more information as well...

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Brexit: The Lockton Way

Brexit: The Lockton Way The initial economic and emotional response to the UK’s vote to exit the EU is now behind us, leaving much conjecture and ambiguity. One certainty is that Lockton continues to work closely with its clients to inform, manage and where possible,...

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Managing Risk After Brexit

The UK vote to exit the European Union may ultimately have far-reaching implications for businesses around the world. The vote has created uncertainty. The best response is to remain calm and avoid hasty decisions that may not be in your best interest. Lockton is...

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