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The global and local insurance market for Latin American business has undergone a number of changes recently. Lockton Global partners have combined to provide an update on key changes affecting risk management strategies in the region. Our role as insurance broker and risk management consultant is instrumental in navigating our clients through the changing market to ensure that risk management programs maximize cost-efficiency, coverage, and compliance.

Property Insurance Rates on the Rise in Latin America

Latin American insurance rates are projected to remain generally flat for the 2012 term throughout the region, with the exception of the catastrophic property risks and select local lines of insurance.

According to Roland Haiser of Lockton U.K., leading Latin American property insurers have not been immune to the large worldwide losses in 2011. While clean, non-catastrophe-exposed accounts are seeing renewal terms of flat to plus 5 percent, those with CAT exposure (Caribbean risk, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, and Venezuela) are seeing rate increases from 7.5 percent to 10 percent. Property insurance prices are hardening, but the rate increases and general implications of significant losses have been restricted by continuing strong competition and protection of market share. The broker’s ability to successfully translate risk management initiatives to the market now has direct implications of mitigating an increasingly hostile market environment.

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